MAKO assists a variety of clients in supporting their events and organizations, such as not for profits, sport federations and corporations.


MAKO provides hands on event management services for our clients.


Coordinating services for our clients entail any part of the event management cycle or in its entirety.


Whether MAKO coordinates all, or a part, of your event, you can expect perfection.


MAKO provides consulting services to our clients to help them identify and achieve their goals. Whether consulting a client with respect to an event or consulting a client with respect to their organization and/or governance, MAKO has a great depth of experience and a successful track record.


Consulting with our clients vis-à-vis their organization or event could include one or

a combination of the following:


   • medium to long term projects,

   • annual or perennial event strategies,

   • crisis management,

   • evaluation of events,

   • coaching the event team

   • and building RFP for events.


Site Location /

Hotel contract negotiation

This is the most basic of our services, where we accompany our client, using our extensive network of contacts in the site location and hotel industry, research, compare, negotiate and select the best fit for their hotel needs.


MAKO doesn’t charge a fee for these services as we receive a commission from the hotel/accommodations partners, based on the number of room nights. You will get the most competitive prices at NO COST to you.


In addition, MAKO ensures that any points received through the hotel’s program will go directly to you. If you are not a member of the rewards program, we will enroll you in whichever one is relevant for your organization, in order to benefit from the business you generate.


Sometimes organizations already have preferred hotels. In this case, we will involve them in a bidding process along with other hotels to ensure that you get the best overall value for your events.


By involving MAKO, you will not only enhance your hotel experience, but ensure that your organization receives the most out of their contracts.

Visionary – Creative – Passionate



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Rébecca Khoury




In parallel to her dedicated involvement in the world of amateur sport for the last couple of decades, as an athlete, coach and administrator,  Rébecca Khoury graduated from John Molson School of Business with an MBA.


Rébecca served as the President of Karate Quebec and Karate Canada and received the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal from the Governor General of Canada, in recognition of her contribution to Canada.


An avid entrepreneur, this visionary administrator made it her goal to elevate all the organizations she works with to the next level of performance.

Rébecca has always shown great determination, professionalism and passion throughout her career in the world of finance and management, as well as in her involvement in the not-for-profits organizations she serves.


With this background, Rébecca started MAKO to bring her expertise and knowledge to our clients.


MAKO believes in providing innovative solutions and professionalism to achieve success.

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